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TCS for Surveys (TCS) is a well-established and recognised brand in Australia. It was originally established in 1971, as TCS Instruments specialising in vehicle surveys and traffic counting.  It has since grown into a national corporation recognised as experts in pedestrian counting, vehicle counting, rail surveys and related surveys and studies. The TCS Group is now represented by TCS for Surveys, TCS People Counting and TCS Products.

With highly experienced and reliable staff, and with its sound Quality, Environmental and Safety Systems, TCS offers to the Australian market efficient service and accurate responses to all survey enquiries.

TCS has all the experience and a track record in delivering quality surveys in a timely manner. This is achieved by having dedicated, reliable and experienced staff that diligently use current and proven technologies and follow sound and proven quality, environmental and safety systems.

TCS is proud of its achievements within the Roads and Vehicle industry.

40+ Years Experience

TCS proudly boasts it has over 40 years of continuous experience in effective traffic surveys in Australia. You can count on TCS for providing quality vehicle and pedestrian surveys anytime anywhere in Australia. It has the experience and capability to deliver quality data on time.

The Australian industry can certainly count on TCS for all road monitoring and counting surveys because:

  • It has many years of experience;
  • It has earned market credibility;
  • It has experts in surveys;
  • It has the track record in delivering quality data for:
    • short term traffic surveys;
    • long term traffic surveys; or
    • permanent surveys;
    • anytime anywhere.

Quality Surveys on Time

TCS has built its long standing reputation within the Australian market by delivering quality survey data on time to all its clients. TCS understands the importance and criticality of having accurate and reliable survey data for major decisions that affect the general community.

TCS is proud of this important trait.

The key elements required for the delivery of quality survey data, include:

  • The reliable collection of survey data;
  • Production of quality reports;
  • Providing the data in multiple formats as required; and
  • Delivering these quality reports by the different delivery methods available on time.

Proven Technologies

In order to collect survey data reliably and consistently TCS relies on proven methods, processes and utilising current instruments and technologies. TCS has a research team that keeps abreast of the latest tools and technologies for survey deployment.

The technologies and methods include:

  • Pneumatic Tube Counting (using instruments such as Metrocount, Trafficorder, ISD, ITS, Tally counters etc)
  • Video camera recordings;
  • Loop Counting;
  • Laser and
  • Radar.


Why you can count on TCS

The Australian industry can count on TCS for all road monitoring and counting surveys. Some of the key strengths include:

  • Over 40 years of continuous experience;
  • Specialising in classification, speed, volume, platoon and over-height vehicle detection surveys;
  • Can do attitude of its dynamic team of dedicated staff;
  • Long term relationship with RMS (formerly RTA) of NSW,  many councils, and many other major organisations;
  • Access and ownership of many survey instruments in Australia, including and not limited to: Metrocounters, Trafficorders, ISDs, ITCs & Tally Counters;
  • Access to specialists and the latest hardware and software technologies;
  • Ability to generate many kinds of reports from simple to sophisticated reports as required;
  • Deliver the reports through multiple delivery mechanisms available today; and
  • Deliver quality data on time.

Insurance Certificates

You can have peace of mind when you work with TCS for Surveys as we are a fully insured company. Below are links to our various insurance certificates.

Workers Compensation

Other Insurances


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