Automatic Tube Vehicle Counts

Automatic Tube Vehicle Counts

TCS for Surveys has over 40 years experience with automatic tube vehicle counting. TCS for Surveys is considered to be the experts when it comes to automatic vehicle counting using pneumatic tubes. It has an impeccable track record in delivering quality vehicle counting data on time. As illustrated in the following table there are various survey options available ie. Volume, Speed, Classification and Platoon.

Survey Options

Detecting axles with rubber pneumatic tube is still a cost-effective traffic sensing method, especially for short-term surveys. Pneumatic tubes are cheap, accurate and reliable, and operate effectively over a huge range of environmental conditions.

Survey Options Description
Volume Volume surveys purely measure the number of vehicles utilising a road. This usage is broken down by time intervals.
Speed Speed surveys track the speeds of vehicles broken down by time intervals.
Classification Classification surveys provide information relating to vehicle types using the road.
Platoon Platoon surveys measure the speeds of groups of vehicles broken down by time intervals.

TCS for Surveys is capable of surveying single lane roads through to complex multi-laned freeways and highways. The coverage is wide and varied. From the quiet country roads through to the heavy congested city roadways. With our expereinced personnel, reliable equipment and quality systems no job is too big for TCS. All personnel are trained and by following the required Quality and OH&S systems in place they are equipped to handle all the related on the road hazards to ensure all jobs are conducted in a professional and a safe manner.

Accurate Detection

Throughout the world, all detailed vehicle class schemes are based on axles. Many systems have tried inductive, optical or magentic methods. Only axle detectors, however, give precise speeds and wheel positions over the entire vehicle spectrum, from motorcycles through to heavy vehicles.

TCS for Surveys uses state of the art traffic logging hardware along with powerful software and together with our experts TCS for Surveys will deliver quality data on time. TCS for Surveys is able to generate many kinds of reports from simple to sophisticated reports through many delivery mechanisms.

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