Automatic Tube Counts

TCS for Surveys has over 40 years experience with automatic tube vehicle counting. TCS for Surveys is considered to be the experts when it comes to automatic vehicle counting using pneumatic tubes. It has an impeccable track record in delivering quality vehicle counting data on time. There are various survey options available ie. Volume, Speed, Classification and Platoon.

Video Surveys

TCS for Surveys provides a number of sophisticated surveys utilising state of the art video collection technologies. TCS for Surveys is able to collect quality video data anytime, anywhere.

Pedestrian Survey Audits

TCS for Surveys has the experience and capabilities to undertake pedestrian survey audits. For instance, TCS may be engaged to determine the accuracy of automated systems currently in place typically within shopping centres.

Over Height Surveys

TCS has experience in detecting overheight vehicles to assist in the planning and development of over road infrastructure (ie. bridges, overpasses, tunnels, signage etc). A common survey TCS undertakes is the movement of overheight vehicles via residential streets.

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