Video Surveys

Video Surveys

TCS for Surveys provides a number of sophisticated surveys utilising the state of the art video collection technologies. TCS for Surveys is able to collect quality video data anytime anywhere.

Survey Types

TCS for Surveys is able to provide highly accurate surveys for all types of surveys, including and not limted to:

  • Counting of :
    • All types of vehicles ie. cars, trucks, buses and motorcyles;
    • Pedestrians;
    • Rail Industry surveys
    • Cyclists;
    • Pets & wildlife; and
    • Various forms of public transport ie. buses, trams, trains, taxis and ferries
  • Origin Destination of vehicles;
  • Turning movements of vehicles.

Survey Reports

TCS for Surveys has the capability, tools and methods to produce and deliver accurate data matches and meaningful reports which include and are not limited to:

  • Travel time reporting;
  • Origin Destination Matrices
  • Frequency Distribution;
  • Classified control counts with extensive classification reporting etc...
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