Traffic at a busy city intersection with buses and pedestrians


The Australian traffic and transport industry can count on TCS For Surveys for all road monitoring and counting traffic surveys. Some of the key strengths include:
  • Over 40 years of continuous experience
  • Specialising in traffic classification, speed, traffic volume, platoon and over-height vehicle detection traffic surveys
  • Can do attitude of its dynamic team of dedicated staff and traffic survey technicians and analysts
  • Long term relationship with RMS (formerly RTA) of NSW, many councils, and many other major organisations
Pedestrians crossing at traffic signals on a busy city intersection with cars and buses


TCS for Surveys (TCS) is a well-established and recognised brand in Australia. TCS for Surveys (previously TCS Instruments) has been in operation for over 40 years and specialises in rail surveys, vehicle surveys and traffic surveys and counting.

TCS is a national corporation recognised as experts in pedestrian and vehicle counting and related traffic surveys and studies. The TCS Group is represented by TCS for Surveys, TCS BI and TCS Products.