Intersection Surveys

TCS for Surveys provides a number of sophisticated interection surveys utilising the state of the art video camera collection technologies. We can collect quality video data anytime anywhere. 

We are able to provide highly accurate surveys for all types of surveys, including and not limited to:
  • All types of vehicles ie. cars, trucks, buses and motorcyles
  • Pedestrians
  • Rail Industry surveys
  • Cyclists
  • Pets & wildlife
  • Various forms of public transport ie. buses, trams, trains, taxis and ferries
Intersection traffic surveys using video camera technology can be installed on any intersection to record and analyse traffic data on vehicle turning movements in both regional and metropolitan areas. Our video cameras provide an accurate analysis on traffic movements on all types of roads from multi-lane highways, dual carriageways and city streets. Our analysis and reports can provide traffic turning movements on all legs of an intersection in 5 minute, 15 minute or 1 hour duration time periods. Alternatively, you may be interested in illegal turnings or other unsafe driver behaviour. Our reports can provide time-date stamped traffic snapshots of such behaviour which can be used to design additional signage or delination to decrease unsafe driver behaviour and increase road safety.

Intersection traffic surveys can be used in conjunction with ATC traffic surveys to gain a complete picture of traffic classification, speeds and turning movements at major intersections. More information about pnuematic ATC traffic surveys can be found here.

TCS For Surveys can also incorporate pedestrian and cyclist surveys with an intersection traffic survey. More information about our pedestrians surveys can be found here.

TCS For Surveys can provide traffic analysis and data for a range of applications from road traffic network and transport design and planning for government agencies to traffic movements and requirements analysis for development applications for consultancy and construction organisations. Please contact us here for more information about your customised requirements.